Find SoC Bugs Earlier & Faster, Bring-Up Software Earlier & Validate the Entire System

The Industry's Fastest Engines

  • Verify the entire SoC with industry-leading VCS® simulation, Verdi® debug, VC SpyGlass™ RTL static signoff, VC Formal™ Apps, and silicon-proven Verification IP
  • Leverage the fastest emulation system on the market for earlier software bring-up
  • Validate the entire system with Virtualizer™ virtual prototyping and HAPS® prototyping

Unified Compile with VCS

  • Transition seamlessly between simulation, emulation, and prototyping environments

Unified Debug with Verdi

  • Find and fix bugs across all domains and abstraction levels for dramatic increases in debug efficiency

Native Integrations

  • Achieve higher verification productivity, performance, and throughput