Samsung-Synopsys Collaboration

From Breakthroughs to Industry Firsts

Synopsys has a long-standing collaboration with Samsung providing our mutual customers’ success using certified design flows, methodologies, best-in-class solutions, and broad portfolio of silicon-proven DesignWare IP. We will continue our tight partnership in a new era of smart everything.

Accelerate Deployment of Gate-All-Around (GAA) Technology

In 2019, Samsung Foundry successfully taped out the industry’s first GAA  (Gate-All-Around) SoC with Synopsys’ Fusion Design Platform. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in next-generation transistor technology and digital design flow. In addition, Synopsys’ Custom Design Platform was certified for Samsung’s 3nm GAA to address both the complexity and productivity needs for the most advanced Analog/Mixed-Signal designs. One critical collaboration area is the Partial Layout Extraction (PLE) flow, which shortens custom design closure time. PLE was first deployed for 5LPE and is being prepared for 3nm GAA now.

DesignWare IP Solutions for Samsung Processes

Synopsys provides a comprehensive portfolio of silicon-proven DesignWare IP solutions for Samsung process technologies ranging from 65-nm to 5-nm. The IP solutions consist of interface IP, logic libraries, embedded memories, and embedded test. In addition, The Synopsys and Samsung Foundry automotive reference flow utilizes Synopsys' ASIL D-compliant DesignWare ARC Functional Safety Processor IP for Efficient development of autonomous driving and ADAS SoCs.

Samsung Foundry Automotive Reference Flow with Synopsys’ Automotive Design Flow

Samsung Foundry and Synopsys have closely collaborated to deliver a comprehensive automotive reference flow to streamline SoC hardware design for ASIL D autonomous driving and ADAS applications. The optimized automotive reference flow provides SoC architects, designers and verification engineers with complete differentiated design and IP solutions that deliver complex functional safety (FuSa) analysis, implementation, and verification capabilities. The automotive reference flow utilizes Synopsys’ differentiated comprehensive automotive design flow and ASIL D-compliant DesignWare ARC Functional Safety Processor IP.