GF - Synopsys Collaboration

Creating Exceptional Solutions through True Collaboration

Synopsys and Globalfoundries® (GF®) have a long history of collaboration dating back to 180-nm. Building on silicon-proven products including the Lynx Design System, Synopsys Design Platform, and DesignWare IP, Synopsys and GF are enabling our mutual customers to mitigate their project risks and streamline their implementation process to realize the highest quality first-time-right silicon success.

 As a founding member of GF’s FDXcelerator™ Partner Program, Synopsys has collaborated with GF to develop an ecosystem that enables designers to deploy Synopsys’ comprehensive RTL-to-GSDII solution with superior power and performance metrics for mobile and IoT designs on GF’s 22nm FD-SOI (22FDX™) process.  In parallel, Synopsys has also enabled the Synopsys Design Platform and developed DesignWare IP for GF’s 14-nm and 12-nm FinFET processes.

22-nm FD-SOI Process Targeting Mobile and IoT Markets

The GF 22FDX™ platform features significant low power, low cost and power efficiency advantages for designing differentiated solutions by employing forward and reverse body biasing techniques. Synopsys is a founding member of the FDXcelerator Partner Program, an ecosystem designed to facilitate 22FDX system-on-chip (SoC) designs, accelerating the development of innovative products in applications spanning systems for intelligent clients, 5G connectivity, augmented and virtual reality and automotive.

GF-Synopsys Collaboration on GF 22FDX Technology

14-nm (14LPP) and 12-nm (12LP) FinFET Processes Well-Established for High-Volume Production, targeting high-performance, power-efficient SoC applications

Synopsys and GF have developed digital design flows from register-transfer level (RTL) to graphic design database system (GDS). Integrated with a technology-proven process design kit (PDK) and silicon-proven standard cell libraries, the flows create a digital design “starter kit” that provides customers with a built-in test case for out-of-the-box physical implementation testing and analysis of performance, power and area considerations.

DesignWare IP Solutions for GLOBALFOUNDRIES Processes

Synopsys provides a comprehensive portfolio of silicon-proven DesignWare IP solutions for GF process technologies ranging from 130-nm to 12-nm. The IP solutions comprise logic libraries, embedded memories, embedded test & repair, analog IP and wired and wireless interface IP.  In particular, Synopsys and GF have collaborated on the development of Synopsys DesignWare Memory Compilers and one-time programmable non-volatile memory (OTP NVM) to deliver leading performance, power, area, and yield for GF process technologies.  The DesignWare STAR Memory System solution offers memory built-in self-test (BIST), repair, and diagnostic capabilities for all process technologies, and recently announced embedded MRAM support for GF’s eMRAM on their 22FDX process.