FPGA Verification

engineers in front of a computer using show the FPGA Platform solution

Synopsys FPGA Platform

The market is changing for FPGAs. Advancements in lower power, high performance, and low cost are increasing FPGA adoption into applications that have typically been enabled with ASSP/SoCs.

FPGA hardware designers face several challenges due to the growing size and complexity of FPGA devices and need the right tools and methodology to complete their designs. The Synopsys FPGA Platform is a design, verification and debug solution that provides developers with a methodology to successfully find and fix bugs earlier in the design cycle. 

  • Verify design with VC SpyGlass™, VC Formal™, VCS® simulation, and Verification IP
  • Design using Synplify synthesis
  • Debug design with Verdi® debug

The combination of upfront verification planning, static and formal verification, simulation, synthesis and debug helps to successfully shorten time-to-revenue and minimize schedule risks.