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Design & Verification Cloud Solutions | Synopsys

Transform Silicon Design and Verification in the Cloud

From exploding computational demands to the relentless push for reduced design and verification cycle times, the semiconductor industry is facing more pressure than ever before. And this is happening as Moore’s law slows down. Cloud-optimized design and verification solutions from Synopsys, including the ZeBu Cloud hosted emulation solution, provide a low-risk path with proven solutions to achieve faster, cheaper, better results in bringing your innovations to market.

IP for Data Centers | Synopsys

Meet Power, Performance, and Latency Targets

Your next chip architecture can handle tremendous increases in internet traffic while keeping latency and power in check—with silicon IP that offers a combination of raw processing power, energy efficiency, and maximum system throughput. Accelerate your SoC design with high-quality, silicon-proven IP from Synopsys. DesignWare® IP, optimized for the performance, latency, and power targets required for data center SoCs, can help you achieve first-pass silicon success on the most advanced process technologies.

Cloud & Container Security | Synopsys

Migrate to the Cloud Securely

From threat modeling services to application security testing tools, Synopsys helps you migrate to the cloud with confidence. Whether you’re using a cloud-based development pipeline, building cloud-native apps, or migrating legacy apps to the cloud, you can maximize agility and control costs without sacrificing security.

We help you find and fix code issues with static application security testing (SAST); automate testing for web-based apps with interactive application security testing (IAST); and manage open-source code with software composition analysis (SCA).

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