Cloud & Container Security

Optimize your applications for secure deployment and operation in the cloud

Organizations are moving their application workloads to the cloud to become more agile, reduce time to market, and lower costs. Whether you’re developing a cloud-native application or migrating an existing application to the cloud, Synopsys can help you increase innovation, reliability, and efficiency without sacrificing security.


Synopsys cloud security solutions support your digital transformation



Plan + -
cloud security strategy

Chart your cloud security roadmap

Uncover what cloud software security strategies, capabilities, and activities your company should use to support an efficient cloud application security program.


Assess + -
Assess application security risk

Understand how the cloud changes your application security risks

  • Appraise how cloud security controls are implemented in your environment.
  • Evaluate the architecture of the security controls in your cloud applications.
Educate + -
training for cloud security

Empower your teams to build security into your cloud applications

Invest in application and cloud security education to help your teams better address increased risks, evolving software and regulatory requirements, faster time-to-deploy obligations, and the shared responsibility model used by cloud service providers.

Implement + -
implement cloud security

Build security in as you migrate to the cloud

  • Build and deploy cloud applications using secure reference implementations with baseline security controls.
  • Verify that your applications are secure with static analysis, software composition analysis, and dynamic analysis tools and services, including Coverity, Black Duck, and Seeker

Critical Capabilities for Application Security Testing

Gartner's® Critical Capabilities guide provides buyers of application security testing (AST) tools with rankings of 14 vendors across 12 capabilities and 5 common use cases. 

Migrate to the cloud with confidence 

As your digital transformation to the cloud evolves, you need a corresponding security transformation to ensure your use of the cloud inspires future innovation instead of impeding it. You can rely on Synopsys to extend your security program and help you stay secure and compliant in a multicloud environment.

Increase your cloud computing IQ

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