Application Specific Instruction-Set Processors (ASIPs)

ASIP Designer Virtual Seminar 2022

Join us to learn why ASIPs are getting so much attention these days, and why Synopsys’ ASIP Designer is the industry’s leading tool to design, implement, program and verify such specialized processors.

Enabling the Design of Multicore SoCs with Application-Specific Processors

For applications requiring highly specialized processing, application-specific instruction-set processors (ASIPs) deliver greater computational efficiencies than general purpose processors and more flexibility than fixed-function RTL designs. ASIP Designer is the leading tool solution for creating ASIPs, which might be custom processors or programmable hardware accelerators that serve in next-generation SoCs, particularly where re-programmability provides a key competitive advantage. ASIP Designer enables designers to:

  • Create customized processing elements that are programmable in C
  • Adjust performance-sensitive algorithms without requiring silicon respins
  • Differentiate products using their own proprietary algorithmic IP
  • Reduce schedule risk and improve time-to-market using a proven, highly automated tool approach

Introduction to Synopsys ASIP Designer

ASIP Designer: The Efficient Way to Design, Implement, Program and Verify Your Custom Processor.