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Pioneering Innovative Technologies With a Shift-left Approach to Address Mutual Customers' Complex SoC Challenges

Arm-based SoC designs are driving the next wave of product and market innovation. These SoCs are architected to deliver superior connectivity, improved security, increased processing power, longer battery life, and advanced AI for the next generation of consumer, high-performance computing, and data-center products. Synopsys and Arm have a long history of R&D collaboration, leading to solutions that enable mutual customers to accelerate their software development, co-verification of hardware and software, and quality of Arm-based designs. These solutions utilize the Synopsys Fusion Design Platform and Verification Continuum PlatformHAPS FPGA-based prototyping systems, Virtualizer virtual prototyping and Platform Architect MCO architecture design toolsets, and DesignWare IP

Our collaboration with Synopsys enables our customers to design and deploy market-shaping solutions into the fast-expanding hyperscale space."

Jeff Kehl


Vice President of CPU Engineering, Central Engineering at Arm

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