Unleash Bandwidth and Harness Security for a 5G World

From smart phones to entire smart cities, 5G will power the future of Smart Everything. With Synopsys technology, you can build advanced chipsets, telecommunication and network infrastructure that meet 5G speed, bandwidth, and data throughput requirements. And you can secure the applications that access your personal data over the 5G network. We help you create seamless and safe mobile experiences, from silicon to software.

Optimize Speed, Bandwidth, and Data Throughput
with DesignWare IP for 5G mobile

Integrating the latest innovative IP will help you beat your competition in baseband, infrastructure, and application processor SoCs. With the industry’s broadest portfolio of interface, data converter, security, and processor IP solutions, Synopsys DesignWare IP is your key to accelerating development of 5G mobile phones and increasing capacity and performance of lightning-fast 5G infrastructure applications.

We help you implement energy-efficient processors for maximum throughput; high-speed analog front-ends to support GHz channel bandwidth; image sensor connectivity; high-speed chip-to-chip communication; and security protocols to protect the sensitive user data in phones and to and from the infrastructure.

Are Your Systems and Apps Safe from 5G Threats?
Secure your business and IP with Defensics, the leading 5G fuzz testing solution

5G, the fifth generation of cellular network technology, will revolutionize many industries, with up to 100 times the speed, 100 times the capacity, and 10 times less latency compared to 4G LTE. From ultra-reliable, low-latency communications and performance monitoring of mission-critical apps such as remote surgery and smart grid to ubiquitous IoT and smart cities, 5G will be critical to enabling these broad-based use cases.

But along with superior performance, 5G expands the attack surface of apps and devices that rely on this next-gen network. There will be unknown, novelty attacks in addition to known security exploits. That’s where Defensics fuzz testing for 5G protocols comes in. Proper fuzzing can uncover unknown vulnerabilities and mitigate zero-day attacks that can impact your business systems, products, and services.

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